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Top 5 Business Lessons from Dancing with the Stars

I’m loving Dancing with the Stars and the Flamboyance of Carson Kressley

Check out my photo with Carson at a conference where he was “absolutely fabulous.”

Sponsors of Dancing with the Stars

If you want to get sponsors, check out how the show handles their sponsors, Macy’s and AT&T.

Dancing with the Stars lets you see how people react when they are put into a dance competition and taken out of their comfort zone. 

Here Are…


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How Did The Wealthy 1% Do It?

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 11: Conservative pa...
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Become Wealthy, Retire Early | Savings Highway | Angie Mitchell

Yes, it is absolutely possible to become wealthy even in today's economy and you can start right now with a Savings Highway Membership. I'd recommend joining at a Gold Level because it offers you the most Savings, Bonuses, and Commissions. As a Gold member, you can earn up to $40,000 a month plus bonuses, of course that totally depends on how motivated you are but Gold is for serious income earners. You may also choose from a Silver or Bronze… Continue

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Your inspirational thought for the day is a simple one, but profound in its implications. Here it is...

Are you ready for your inspirational thought for the day? When you first read it, it may seem too simple. However, if you think about it for even a moment, you'll see that the implications are profound - and inspiring.

"Whatever goals you have in your life, and no matter where you are start, someone has succeeded at something similar or even more difficult, starting with less than you have."

There may be some of you out of the six billion on the planet for whom this… Continue

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Business Ideas for the Entrepreneur

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Guide To Setting Up Your Home Office "2"

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Guide To Setting Up Your Home Office.

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Bob Proctor's email to me

Bob Proctor, multimillionaire, "human-potential guru", and one of the stars of the movie "The Secret" is one of my mentors. He emailed me a wonderful story which you should all it is.

"Many years ago, in fact shortly after I began to study this transformational information, I came across a piece of literature that contained an idea that changed my life. It explained that every thing around us that has been made by human beings is the expression of an idea, and that… Continue

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Achieve Your Goals Immediately.

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Are You A Prosperity Thinker?

Prosperity begins in the mind and is impossible with a mental attitude that is contrary to it.

We cannot attract prosperity with a poverty stricken attitude.

We must think prosperity before we can come to it.

Our circumstances in life, our financial condition,our poverty or wealth, our friends or lack of them,our condition of harmony or discord are all

probably associated with our thought patterns.

The one who would succeed must… Continue

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Top 7 Mistakes that Prevent People from Achieving

There are many people who try to achieve what they desire in life. Unfortunately, many people don’t accomplish what they set out to do.

Here are some of the top mistakes that people make, and ways in which these can be avoided.

1. Setting timescales that are impossible to reach

Often, people will set totally unrealistic time frames to achieve goals in their lives. Before deciding on a completion date, take careful consideration of your other commitments. Don’t… Continue

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Top 7 Tips for Reaching Your Goals

Setting goals comes with the terrain for most leaders. You set goals for yourself, work with your team on setting their goals, and some of you, I know, work with your kids on setting goals. After all, in one form or another, goal setting is the practice of successful people. Unfortunately, the act of goal setting by itself does not guarantee goal achievement. Along with your determination, these seven tips can turn your goal setting into goal getting.

1. Be S.M.A.R.T.: Set S.M.A.R.T.… Continue

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Controlling Your Computer's Privacy

A common (and well reasoned) theory is that when you delete files on your computer, they're gone. The problem is that this isn't true. Files, emails, and internet browsing history can save backups of themselves in hidden locations on your computer. These little footprints can cause your computer to run slow, bog down, take longer to boot up, and even crash frequently.

Retrieving these long lost files would be very hard to do manually. Unfortunately there are pieces of software out… Continue

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Is your up line teaching you this?

When I first started out on my home business, I wasn't educated by my up line about multiple streams of income because he never knew what it was or he just wanted me to remain on the business that was going to make them money. There were a lot of reasons why I wasn't getting results but one particular reason was I ran out of money to advertise which means I never had enough prospects looking at my opportunity. Because 95% of your prospects will never join you in your opportunity, you will lose… Continue

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How Do You Reduce Your Stress?

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Are You On The Right Road?

First, you must know where you want to go. Then, define what skills and knowledge you need in order to get there.

Enjoying what you do is a key element in your success. With the proper training and knowledge, you can enter most any field of endeavor.

Your success will then depend on your desire and attitude. Even if you are working a job that is merely the means to the end, behave as if you own the company by giving it 110%. Why, you ask? You make a deal when you were… Continue

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The 14 Hot Titles Private Label Rights BIG PACK Selling Like Hotcakes!

The 14 Hot Titles Private Label Rights BIG PACK Selling Like Hotcakes!

It's only been out for less than 2 days and

the "The Private Label Rights BIG PACK -14 Hot Titles!"

has been moving 'off the shelves' in record time.

I can't guarantee that this offer will be available after

this weekend so go now and check it it out:

if… Continue

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Do You Dream?

Do you know what happens when you D.R.E.A.M?

You "Dare(to)Reach Extraordinary Altitudes (&) Milestones"

DARE to Dream. - Dare to become someone. Dare to go beyond where your friends are. Dare to prove everybody else wrong, who says that you cannot succeed!

REACH. - Reach within every part of your mind, heart, and soul, and reach for what you want in life, if not will get what someone else wants to give you after they take their… Continue

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What is a 2x2 Matrix? Is it right for you?

With the way the economy is these days more and more people are looking to earn money online.

There are a lot of "at home" businesses that cost a lot of money monthly, products you have to stock, and the need for cold calling. In a matrix program there are no products, low monthly fee's or one time only fee's, and no need for cold calling. A matrix is a program in which an individual has the ability to earn money by referring other members to the program.

For these reasons… Continue

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