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Attention Viral Marketing Members

This information is for members of the Viral Marketing group at Start.Up.Biz and those interested in joining our little network.

If you are not yet a member, you can join with this link:

The admin at Start.Up.Biz has asked that I monitor the content in this group more closely. It was once featured in their… Continue

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Google Caffeine Launch After The Holidays - Are We Sure About That - Tweet & Let Me Know?

December 2009

I just Tweeted a good blog article about the Google Caffeine Launch. Please Read & Retweet if you like it. Feel free to comment in the SEO Marketing Group or at that blog post if you experienced any interesting changes with Google Caffeine during the beta period (Google Sandbox) or during this time that Caffeine is supposed to be inactive in the SERPS (search engine results…

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Follow Up Blog - Shaquille O'Neal's The Payer Player - See, I told you this was good!

Hello! This is Lea Charlton again with an update on the experience I've had in promoting the beta of Shaquille O'Neal's new business.

I have to admit, it was a little frustrating at first. We were all so excited that we began referring all of our friends without the admin and social widget being done ... This meant that a lot of builders in our downlines were contacting us to submit tickets and provide answers for them :( BUT WHAT THE HECK ... I made residual income (money) in… Continue

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Paul Birdsall's Streamline Funnel SCAM - Is It Funneling Your Downline To Shaklee?

Horrible News: Crooked Launch Of Streamline Funnel System - SCAM

I was unable to get on the 2nd webinar, but a friend has upgraded and let me know that this whole program has changed. This $9.95 is just for 3 days and then the monthly is $39.95. So, credit cards will get charged $39.95 after the 3 days if you do not send a support ticket to cancel. Meanwhile, she could not find the area to cancel her order ... Wasn't this supposed to be $9.95 for everyone in general? …


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How to build a business team with just $3.40 ...

WorkFor3Dollars is a $3 business that is designed to help you make money online and work with a team of members that can help you learn, grow and are potential partners in your in future programs.

It is a business that you can promote as aggressively or passively as you choose ... just let the money add up. Some of our team members are using WorkFor3Dollars as…

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UPDATE - Now Up to 30 Free Leads Per Hour & Contact Management System ... Advertising, too.


1) Tired of blowing money on credits and poor advertising locations.

2) Tired of networking and not establishing quality referral relations.

3) Tired of paying for leads - or - not being able to afford the leads that you need.

4) Want to be the best in their company and… Continue

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Happy New Year - Internet Marketers & Work At Home Moms - YOU CAN HAVE TIME TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!

New Year Myspace Comments MLM Success ROCKS


I swear that I do not know where the 2008 year went ... It was so fast, but sure was GREAT wasn't it??? Don't get me wrong, it had some challenges, though I really have nothing major to complain about ... a lot to be grateful about ... I have no regrets!!! Years ago, I could not even use the Internet, so it has… Continue

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