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The Trouble with Pills

While many of us enjoy the benefits of supplements, pain relievers, appetite suppressants, and any number of other products, we don’t necessarily enjoy taking pills. In fact, for some of us, taking pills is a new form of torture! Plus sometimes we have trouble with stomach upset or have medical conditions that make it difficult to take pills. Our bodies have to work extra hard to get the benefits of pills. Our stomach has to breakdown the capsule and the contents metabolized by the liver and… Continue

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Is It Finally Your Time?

At some point in our lives, most of us have wondered 'when will it be my time?' We work, we take care of our kids, and we take care of our parents, our spouse, and our house--pretty much everything. And we get older. Nothing seems to change and it seems like we are doomed to a mediocre existence.

We see opportunities come and go and we wonder if we will ever have a chance. But why not now? Why not take that chance? There will always be reasons not to take a chance but why not think… Continue

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Is Network Marketing the Career for You? Coachable and Trainable

How do you like to work? Do you like to have someone show you what to do or would you rather struggle along on your own? Do you take direction well or do you resent someone “tell you what to do?” Do you like to read? Assessing how you work is probably one of the most important aspects to think about if you are thinking about becoming a network marketer.

Many people get into network marketing having little or no experience in the field. Even if you have been in sales before, network… Continue

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Dr Robin tells all on Networking with the Blindguy

It has come to my attention that certain MLM companies are taking advantage of their distributors to the point of breech of contract and causing distributors to fore go life saving products.

Monday June 15th Dr Robin Rushlo names the offending companies and opens the curtain behind the MLM theft by corporate dictators.

Tune into Networking with the Blindguy on Monday June 15th at


Dr Robin Rushlo aka Dr… Continue

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How to never lose your vision,even when you are blind. part two

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

Jonathan Swift

It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.

Helen Keller

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible. In this respect, vision is not just seeing, it is not just "sight." Instead, vision is insight. It is the ability to see something that only you can see, something that others do not see because this something does not have a physical reality. It is something you see in your… Continue

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How to never lose your vision,even when you are blind.

OK what is this VISION stuff all about blindguy? What are you talking about?

Lets start at the beginning. I have been 100% blind since Jan 3rd 2000. So living in the dark now comes second nature to me. I sat around for about 30 days in a pity party for me "oh me oh my I am blind what am I going to do?" "How can I make a living?" Cry cry cry for poor me.

Then I had a VISION of a mushroom. For the uninformed let me explain how people make mushrooms and make mushrooms out of… Continue

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What if there was a way to have your cake and eat it too?

We have all heard this saying over the years. According to Wikopedia, this saying means “To have one's cake and eat it too or simply have one's cake and eat it (sometimes eat one's cake and have it too) is the instance of an individual consuming, exhausting, taking advantage of or using up a particular thing and, then, after that thing is gone or no longer reasonably available, still attempting to benefit from or use it.” Generally this is a negative staying. But what if I told you there is a… Continue

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Is Network Marketing the Career for You? Discipline and Effort

All work requires some discipline. You have to show up, do something (or look like you are doing something) for some specified length of time. Most jobs require that you do this at least five days a week for eight hours day. If you don’t do these things, you won’t have to worry too much because you will be asked to leave.

Network marketing is a little different. In network marketing there is no “boss.” If you don’t work, no one is going to get angry with you. (Although the person… Continue

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Is Network Marketing the Career for You? Career Change

There are lots of career choices that anyone of us can make. Studies show that most people change careers along the way—on average about three times. There are many reasons that people change careers. Sometimes those career changes come about because we are exposed to a type of work we were perhaps not familiar with in the years when we were making our first career choices. Other career changes come about because we find that we are unhappy or dissatisfied with our current job or career. A… Continue

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Is Network Marketing the Career for You? Risk

If you have ever taken a personality test, one of the things the questions are designed to determine is your ability to handle risk. Let’s face it, some of us are adrenaline junkies and live to take risks. Others need security and are very risk adverse. Both kinds can do well in network marketing, but they may approach it in different ways or join different companies.

People that like to take chances are definitely well suited to the network marketing business. These people will take… Continue

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How To Eliminate Your Competition, by killing off your own distributors?

I was walking through the internet and ran across a story by Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady on March 30, 2009 at all about How to Tank Your Business and How Does Changing Your Direction Change Your Results? Well after reading this I deceided to be Mr Paul Harvey and give… Continue

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Can you be Clean, Green,and Legal?

You may have seen something on the news about Spokane, Washington where there is now a ban on dishwasher detergent make with phosphates. While this may seem to be an isolated case, there are actually several states (including the rest of the state of Washington) that will make dishwashing soap made with phosphates above a very small level illegal in 2010.

What is phosphate anyway and why is it used in dishwashing soap? Phosphate is an inorganic chemical that is a combination of salt… Continue

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Do you think that Going Green will Change our Environment?

The decisions we make today about going green may not change our environment in a noticeable way in our lifetime, but those same decisions may have a profound effect on the environment we leave for our children and grandchildren. There are lots of small things we can do now that may make big differences in the future.

1. Recycle. Not just the plastics, paper, and other recyclable, but think about recycling by reusing or re-purposing. Maybe that old piece of furniture could be fixed… Continue

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Go Be Wise Now

Hello I am Dr Robin Rushlo,

I have been in this industry for 38 years now. I know up till now most people never made a profit

or even got theirproducts paid for.

I know because I was there too.

So I started to look for a company that truly had the following ideals:

1. no greed in it

2. Looked out for the new distrubutor

3. was simple

4. If all I did was bought products I could make… Continue

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'Drinking Water Scams Revealed'

Read this article before you reach for another glass!

Whether it's curing cancer with magnets or herbal wonder- remedies or

Vioxx, we've all seen the fantastic claims people make about their health

products AND about how your whole life will be changed!

I can tell you right now that 90% are frauds. You may even have fallen

prey to some of these scams, selling you the latest fad. Me too. I've bought

so many kinds of drinking water, I can't… Continue

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The Case for Self-Improvement

If you have been in the workplace for any length of time, you have probably heard someone complain about how they are not getting the position they wanted or the raise they wanted. This is often accompanied by the complaint that the person that did get the raise or the position only got it because “they went to school.” Maybe you have even made that complaint yourself. Or maybe you have heard someone talk about how they would love to “get out of here.” In both cases, the person has an expressed… Continue

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Calling all Ducks!

Well after working for years and listening to many mentors the one I still remember among the top is this story.

No one can make you serve customers well.

That's because great service is a choice.

Harvey Mackay, tells a wonderful story about a cab driver that proved this point.

He was waiting in line for a ride at the airport. When a cab pulled up, the first thing Harvey noticed was that the taxi was polished to a bright shine. Smartly dressed in a white… Continue

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Make a Fresh Start with The Elevision Network

The economy is in the tank (or so they say), you are worried about losing your job. You get up every morning dreading going to work because you don’t know what is going to happen. On top of that, it is winter, cold, cloudy, and it snowed again last night. Great, more shoveling. You get home from work and sit down to relax in front of the TV. You start flipping channels. There is the news—more depressing stuff, a movie you have seen 20 times, some show about how they de-feather birds (yuck!),… Continue

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Get Back That Motivational Feeling

We’ve all been to those great seminars with those great speakers. You leave pumped up and ready to take over the world. You go home, notes in hand with best intentions. You are going to implement everything you learned at this seminar. After all, you paid big bucks to be there and by golly, you are going to get your money’s worth!

Then in happens. The kids are sick, you have 100 emails to answer from when you were gone, and the washing machine is broken. You make a few phone calls… Continue

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What is Elevison?

The new buzz on the web is internet TV. The Elevision Network just launched. So what is this new network to the internet and the worldwide web? TV or what?

TV has been a huge part of my life...with 43 years in front of the screen. No matter what the size. The little screen has been a friend, companion, a teacher and a motivator. All those years I've been projecting a future when Television lives up to its potential to impart VISION and to ELEvate the consciousness of the viewer. TV… Continue

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