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Bearmaking Craftsgirl!

They are becoming like a litter of new pets! Each one has a personality of its own, each one has its own approach to cuteness and its own handle on being lovable. I hope they get to make their future little owners happy.

Having a toy shop has not been what I anticipated. I am an artist and a crafster who approaches her work in a meticulous fashion sometimes, I like details, I want quality, I seek uniqueness and style and artistry...but bears have a way to take all that in and turn it into… Continue

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Handmaker's Marketing

Like you can easily see by my photos, I am an artist and craftster. An artisan. I make things with my hands that require skill, creativity, time, delicacy, persistence and ingenuity. Skills that are appreciated by only a select few. Those who love beauty, elegance, and unique things. Marketing in the ocean of the Internet is quite a challenge. Especially when there are so many voices clamoring for the same person's attention. It has been an experience of trial an error for me, because all the… Continue

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Profitable Recycling

Some have said that invention is a child of necessity. I see a lot of recycling being done by artists and crafters. Some of it is really imaginative and creative. Looking around at what you have lying around or perhaps at what could easily be found at your local Goodwill, might prove more protifable than you might think!

Take a look at these two links:

Suitcase cat beds…


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What Would You Sell For a Nickle and How Much Mileage Would You Get Out of It?

This news story published online caught my attention:

Laid-off Arquitect Gives Advice for 1 Nickle at Farmers' Market:

He has lost his job twice in the midst of this financial crunch and has decided to fight back. So he opened up his stand in a Farmers' Market and is giving professional advice to homeowners for 5 cents a pop. But it is beginning to pay off.… Continue

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A Few Tips That Might Help Someone. . .

Here are some tips for those who are trying to get people to know them online and to sell their unique handmade items. There is a ton of places that cater to affiliates, and toher types of businesses but there are few places like CraftersCommunity. Still, you can utilize some tools that the internet provides to get your foot in the door and they are FREE.

1. Make sure you have a Blog. It could be Blogger or Wordpress. Each has its group of fans.

2. Make sure you have a Facebook… Continue

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