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Profound Lessons from Seven of Our Leaders

I was reading my Twitter comments and came across this link @geniussquared. We can't get enough of these insightul words and suggestions on how to think, how to be and how to live. Success comes to those who learn and follow some basic principles. As my mentor and teacher, Alex Mandossian says, you being by seeking instruction. You study and learn. Then you practice what you have learned. And one of the best ways to practice and instill the learning is to teach what you have learned.…


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Jet Blue Wants Customers For Life

Last night I took my very first Jet Blue flight. I had been told by others that it was the best airline but I had to see for myself.

I purchased a head set and then could not figure out how to swipe my credit card to view a movie. Finally, the stewardess, Gina, came by and explained that after 20 minutes the video stops if not paid for - and it was too late to be able to do anything about it. At probably any other airline,…


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Business Etiquette – A Must Have Skill For Entrepreneurs

In this fast paced world of virtual contacts, online marketing, instant gratification and the emphasis upon competition, winning and not cooperation, does etiquette still have a place? is etiquette lost in our current world? Read this important commentary and decide for youself where you believe etiquette fits into your business, professional and personal life. I know that it certainly matters to me.

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Beauty of Math, Love of God and Healing Through Love

Today I received an unusual email, filled with mathematical examples that reveal the incredible symmetry, beauty and clarity that numbers represent. The email I received stopped…


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