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Going Green

This is a blog written earlier in response to a discussion question on the Group Green on LinkedIn, "Is Man-Made Global Warming Real? - The Number of Skeptics is Swelling - Many Scientists Beg to Differ..."

For the last few days all I heard and read was how the Energy Bill is going to hurt the consumer and how it is going to cripple the US economy and the global economy by extension.

I am no environmentalist, but if we don't believe we are living on a distressed palnet and that… Continue

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Transition from a Technical to a Management Position

This is a tough transition for all, I think the most important step one has to take is to move from micro managing a technical issue to macro managing the same issue. One needs to look at the big picture. One needs to restrain oneself from jumping in and fixing a problem for the team. How do you do that, listen to your team and to your peers, communicate what you want and need clearly and most importantly don't feel shy, it is your job. Most of all the team looks up to you to provide leadership… Continue

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Ethical Questions related to On Board Broad band

Connectivity in the sky is coming whether we like it or not and it is going to be at a very affordable price and in all classes of travel. This will raise questions some ethical like connecting to questionable sites like porn or extremist organisations which could be viewed by someone sitting close by to the use of audio and voice.

Audio does not pause much of a problem since most people use audio devices like MP3 and iPods in flight. That brings up the issue of voice, currently… Continue

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"US airlines need to get smaller to get profitable" US Airways CEO

US Airways chief says airline industry needs to get smaller to get profitable, improve service .

This is something I agree totally with, the industry needs to get smaller in order to grow and definitely improve service to match those in Europe, the Far East and MENA.

The Majors have slowly moved towards LCC practices to improve their cash flow with ancillary charges such as baggage, Wi-Fi and others in addition to stopping beverage and food services on shorter… Continue

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Prospects of Aviation in the Gulf and Middle East

The Gulf region has been one of the hottest aviation markets for years. Huge airplane orders, the world's biggest, drew attention to a region that arrived on the global aviation scene with breathtaking speed. However, as the global demand for travel has cooled, we were surprised to learn that this region does not seem to be hurting quite like the rest of the market. The industry has slowed but has parts that are coming into their own. The region's small LCCs are having a growing… Continue

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