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What is a 2x2 Matrix? Is it right for you?

With the way the economy is these days more and more people are looking to earn money online.

There are a lot of "at home" businesses that cost a lot of money monthly, products you have to stock, and the need for cold calling. In a matrix program there are no products, low monthly fee's or one time only fee's, and no need for cold calling. A matrix is a program in which an individual has the ability to earn money by referring other members to the program.

For these reasons… Continue

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What do you do with your time?

"Find out what poor people read -- and don't read it!"

-- Jim Rohn

I like this quote. It keeps me from reading the tabloids.

Although, I still read the comics section in the daily paper. I think it has

about the same news value as the tabloids.

Can you take Jim Rohn's quote a bit further? How much further?

What about television?

It seems that the average impoverished American watches television from… Continue

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LEADS, Life Blood of your Business.

One of the most important ingredients to build any business are leads. They are the life blood that is needed for you to succeed.

Here is a free gift to all my friends. This gift is a very valuable tool and I hope you use it. It was given to me free so I am passing it on.


Peace and Blessings
James Washington

Looking for an AWESOME business go HERE

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Don't Quit On Yourself!

Dear Friend,

If a surgeon decides to quit operating, the money stops.

If a dishwasher decides not to wash dishes, the money stops.

If an attorney decides to stop suing people, the money stops.

If an IRS agent decides to stop auditing people, the money stops.

In almost every profession, when the person stops working, the money stops. But not network marketing!

In network marketing, it's different. In the beginning, you do a lot… Continue

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