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Never undervalue your IMPACT

Why did you stop making those cookies???

How come you don't joke any more??

Hey, are you throwing another super bowl party??

I know you think that you think these things are trivial or small but you would be AMAZED by the impact of the little things. And you know what these things make such an impact? It's because they are consistent!!!

Now, before you say "BOORRRRRRRRRRINGGGG", I want you to think for a second. Despite all of the chaotic things you… Continue

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No time for HYPE, BABY! Time to make it HAPPEN!

You know. Right now, everybody and their momma are running around all pumped up and motivated after the inauguration. Yea, yea, yea, that's all beautiful and everything but it's time to make it happen.

Let me ask you a question. You do realize that you are a part of the administration??? You do realize that you are a part of the circle of life? And you DO know that this just didn't happen when President Obama was elected??

Right now, there are alot of foot dragging,… Continue

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Looky Heya! Lettin IT go AIN'T Easy!

Let me tell you one thing that I have learned as a lawyer. No matter how much you say it, sometimes, people just CAN'T let it go.

Now, I know I give a lot of 'Rah rah' speeches and I try to stay positive when I say what I gotta say. But I gotta take a second to throw out some cold water.

Let me tell you what I know. You can use that ole tired ass cliche' "let it go" if you want to, but you need to recognize that for ALOT of people, "Lettin it go" is just NOT that… Continue

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Don't let the BOTTOM ROCK YOU!

Have you ever found yourself freaking out over the worse case scenario? I'm not talking about merely losing your job or getting evicted. Those things are devastating so don't think I'm glossing over those facts.

I'm talking about when the wheels COMPLETELY come off!! I'm talking about where everything that CAN go wrong DOES go wrong! I'm talking about losing your car, losing your house, losing your job, and any other conceivable nightmare ALL at the same time!!!

You know,… Continue

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Don't be afraid to PUNCH THROUGH

You want to know one of the most HORRIFYING things about pushing your way to success? It's when you get to that point where you are ALMOST there!! That point is scary as hell!

You don't understand? Ok, follow me on this one. When you're driving towards to a goal, your mission is solely on that goal. While you're working to get to that point, you're used to be in the trenches. You're grinding away. Making new relationships. Fine tuning your craft. Trying out different options and… Continue

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Remember this: you can FOLLOW another person's example, but you must LEAD down your own path

Sometimes, in the course of trying to BE like someone else, we lose sight of who we are. It can get tough when you see so many worthwhile role models who's path or history seems to mirror our own lives. We look to those persons for guidance. We look to those persons for inspiration. And, in the ultimate form of flattery, we mimic their movements and decisions as we use those actions as the map towards our own success.

Unfortunately, what we sometimes forget is that THOSE things are… Continue

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It IS YOU but it IS NOT YOU!

It's not a sexy reality but it is one that happens alot. How many times have you found yourself in a position where it seems like the same situation just keeps repeating itself?

You know what I mean? You meet a girl or guy and they always seem to cheat on you. You make investment moves that never seem to work out. You change jobs alot because you are either getting laid off, quitting or getting fired. You know? The perpetual ground hog day. IT is a never ending… Continue

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The Psychology of Racism

You know what's funny? As much as we love to embrace the notion that we are 'moving forward' in terms of race relations, some times we need to stop and think about the psychology of racism. Now, I'm not a psychologist but I had an incident that happened the other day that made me stop for a second and really take stock in the Psychology of racism.

I was walking on the sidewalk in front of a store. I was day dreaming and not really paying attention. All of sudden, I looked up and saw… Continue

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How do you get IT back? Easy, you never lost IT!

Ever look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the question "What happened to me?" or "Why am I not attractive?" or "What ever happened to that kick ass woman or man I used to be?"

Ever think about what ever happened to the "IT" factor that you used to have. You know, when you were afraid of NOTHING. You knew you could another job in a second. You knew you could blew away an exam without even studying. You didn't care if that guy or that girl left you because there were 4 more… Continue

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K.S.A. who K.I.P.

How many of you stress out over the smallest thing for absolutely NO DAMN REASON at all?? Come on now, raise your hand!!! Let me see them!!

Yes, my hand is up as well so I can't talk. Well, I can but you know what I mean.

Listen, if you're like me, you wake up and your mind is moving at 100 mph. Your mind is moving before your body kicks into gear! Unfortunately, I run through those times when my mind takes me to places where STRESS and WORRY hang out.

Now,… Continue

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Share your story: You don't know WHO it will help!

Your story is NOT corny! Your experiences are NOT trifling!! You have BEEN through more than you know! Most importantly, SHARE your story!!

You know, alot of times, we underestimate the POWER of our story! I know of a woman who was gang raped at a young age. However, she went on to become a successful business woman, martial artist (my karate teacher to be exact! LOL), and executive. I marvel when she tells the story but it's important that she does. Why? Because so many times when… Continue

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Top 5 keys to the mystery: Why are men and women friends?

OO! OO! OO! I finally figured it out! Get your tape recorders out. I have finally found the answer to the great mystery. You guessed it. The mystery of "Why are women and men friends?".

Ladies, have you been racking your brains trying to figure out why your man still has that ONE female friend? Fellas, are you scratching your head trying to figure out why your lady still has that ONE male friend? Well, take some notes because I'm going to tell you.

Watch out! Here it COMES… Continue

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It's ok to FALL on your SWORD

Ever find yourself in the middle of situation where you have a touch choice? Ever find yourself having to decided whether to 1) tell the truth and risk looking like a TOTAL IDIOT or 2) Bull crapping your way through it and hoping that you can GET over until next time??

Now, let me be the first to tell you that as a lawyer, I've had to "hustle and flow" on my feet on more than one occasion to get out of a tight spot. However, you would be surprised the number of times I've "taken one… Continue

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Good day. My name is Anthony Reeves and I am your test administrator for the "POTENTIAL BURN OUT" exam. This test consists on one question. Please review it carefully and provide the appropriate answer. You can take as much as you need to answer it.

Here is the test question and you may begin:

a. I am working so hard that I haven't had a vacation in a while.

b. I have a full time and a full time parent with no help.

c. My wife / husband and I are busting our butts to… Continue

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How to ACCEPT being Selfish

Are you one of THOSE people?? Are you one of THOSE persons who people constantly come to because you repeatedly GIVE, GIVE, and GIVE? Are you one of THOSE people who do things for others at the expense of your health, emotional well being, mind, body and spirit? Are you one of THOSE who feels almost "OBLIGATED" to bail everyone out of trouble? Are you one of THOSE persons who feel that they have to pick up the slack because they can't rely on anyone else? Are you one of THOSE persons who people… Continue

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How to HEAL a PAIN that HURTS to the CORE

"I'm sorry I have to tell you this. I went to see how she was doing. I don't know what happened. It just happened. If you don't want to be my friend any more, I understand. I just wanted you to know. I am so sorry..........".

For those of you who have never experienced a GUT PUNCH before, those words were the sounds of my best friend (former) telling me that he had sex with girlfriend (ex). Over 16 years ago and I can remember the conversation to the day. I don't know what hurt… Continue

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Now, why you gonna make me CUSS you out?

Awwww, man, I gotta share this story to set this up right. Years ago, my dad was dating this woman and he was playing with her by pushing her around and wrestling with her. Now, she clearly didn't like this so she told my dad to stop. Of course, my dad being hard headed kept on messing with her. She warned him again that she did not like a man 'man handling her' and that she didn't like wrestling. I say again, my dad being hardheaded kept messing with her. The next thing I know, "PA… Continue

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What have you done to TURN the knob on YOUR life?

November 3, 1995. That was the day. That day represents the turning point of my life. Why is it significant to me? It’s pretty simple. Everybody can usually point to a specific time in their life when their life took a dramatic turn. Now, we all have different points where this occurs. Some more dramatic than others. But I bet that most of us can point to specific point in time when it ALL turned.

Now, don’t think I was having a BAD existence at the time. By the time October 1995 had… Continue

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There's always one

I know you may think this is funny but I used to tell people all the time that “Everyone will experience at least ONE PERSON in their life that they had NO business messing with. “.

Now, you gotta follow me on this logic. You know, we all have had our share of dates, relationships, boyfriends and girlfriends, etc. And yes, we all know that we’ve had bad ones and good ones. However, I’m a firm believer that we all will have that ONE person that we just can’t get out of our system.… Continue

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Don't make a sista get GANGSTA!

Now before you get all religi-fied on me (yes, that word is NOT real), I am not advocating violence. But I gotta share this story.

I've seen women fight back in the day but I never realized the artform of a woman getting gangsta until I saw it for my own eyes. When I got to college, I met this sista from Boston. Very intelligent and very good looking. We were at a party and needless to say, she had her hair done, nails looking right, cute blouse, mini skirt and heels. Well, some… Continue

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