Hello , I'd like to take this first opportunity to intriduce myself and my company. I am launching a women's luxury level ready-to-wear line here in Paris, being the third active American in Paris in the fashion business, mine is the first at the luxury level privately owned. If you'd like to know the difference between standard ready to wear and luxury then imagine a hand bag made of leather hand bag that any woman can buy on sale at a large national chain department store and at a dinner party she is sitting next to a woman with a black alligator hand bag with the snap on the closing in guilded gold....the one with the alligator and gold has a luxury level hand bag, and gentlemen if you pull into the parking of a nice restraunt and there is a family four door sedan built in detroit bought with the offered rebate parked next to a hand made European car with custom leather seats, leather seats sculpted like butter and an engine to purrrrr at 100 mph, then I'll let you pick the luxury level car and take it home with you, just don't abandon the wife and kids in the 4-door sedan because that is not luxury,that's trailor trash.
Anyway's, I have a complete company ready to roll, mustly through subcontracting allowing the artisan's of France earn a living, and enabeling their ancient profession to continue and keeping some work away from China, this also allows me to keep my social charges reduced. I am currenly searching for the financial backing, prefably though either an Equity Loan or a Business Angel. Once I have the mone secured I move directly into pattern drafting, construction of the primary garment in un-bleached muslinthen the sample garment made to the ready-to-wear show size. once I ahve the complete collection ready business starts, by documenting each garment with photo's and itemizingg for the catalogue. Then I take the show onthe road to the trade shows in Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Sao Paulo, London and back to Paris for the trade show here and the presentation of the line to the press and public in a fashion show. This occurs twice a year. then with the orders in hand I send the garmnet, the muslin sloper and the patterns to the factories around France for construction, as I start on the designing, fabric choices, and embroidery designs, for the next collection and designing for future seasons. Once the oreders ahve been made the clothes are shipped to their buyers globally and we await payment, and continue with the creation of the next line. so all in all there are 3 collections being worked at one time..the one I am designing, the one that is in production and the one that is in the stores.
For this I am searching for 10 million Euros to ensure the entrance of the line into the market on a global scale and to continue for 7-8 years the first 3 will allow the name brand to become known and customer identification with the mark through interviews and magazine print as well as viewing on the international Fashion TV. There will also be gifts for the editor in chiefs, fashin editors, and various magazine staffs around the world, and one devil on a PR firm in New York, to guarantee this as wel as dressing of a few fashionista's and stars going to charities, social functions film openings and awards ceremonies where the media will be there doing their click click click flash flash flash what's the "She-Devil" wearing this season???!!!
I had a meeting this evening with Saudi Prince and his financial consultant, two investors in India reading through my business plan, and an italian investor that I need to fly to Milan to meet with. Something has to give here.I have been plugging awayfor 3 years at this, though the first 2 years were based on fabrication in China, and nobody was interested, then I secured factories in France and fish are biting.

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Comment by David Mark Okeh on January 20, 2010 at 6:26am
Commodity----gold dust and gold bar
Purity-------93.5% or better
Quality----22carats plus
Price------$20, 000USD per kilo
David Mark
Comment by Tamil Robinson on September 26, 2008 at 11:32pm
Hey Kevin, nice to meet you! My name is Tamil Robinson and I am a designer as well and I like your work and story I have just read on your blog. I have been working for many fashion companies in the States but never had the pleasure or privilege to working in Paris although I have been there a few times in my world travels. The comment you made about China I would have to disagree with because I work with some really goof fabric mills that make for many European labels that are well known. So maybe you just worked with the wrong people and not worked close enough with your fabric mill to get what you really needed. I know that Paris is the birthplace of Houte Couture and many high level couturiers are crowned there and I myself would love to get at that level one day but right now I still have to work extra hard at my business at hand and be able to fill the right image as well as collections that the global consumer can appreciate. If you need anything I have many connections that could maybe get you to the next level....

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