Well this is my first time blogging ever. I've read many blogs and thought that it would be to hard to learn how to blog. But it isn't.

Since this site is about business startups and I have a jewelry design firm startup, LKG Designs Inc., I thought I would blog about the goals I've set for this year, 2009.

Here they are:

1) have professional sketches of my jewelry pieces done

2) have all necessary documents filed with the right agencies - taxes

3) find an equity investor to provide start up capital of approx. $25,000

4)re-connect with contract manufacturer and jewerly suppliers

5) research fulfillment options

6) have a website built and operational for taking orders

7) ACTUALLY HAVE BUSINESS OPERATIONAL BY MAY!!!! With first jewelry collection

8) promote jewelry through marketing plan strategies - social networking is on the top of the list

9) track how the business is flowing from month to month; see if I need to add help parttime or fulltime as it will be a one-woman operation initially

10) prepare the next jewelry collection for marketing - setting this for November

11) reviewing the results of LKG Designs Inc., first year of operation!!!

LKG Designs Inc. will come to pass, be extremely successful, have good success, and live!!! In the name of Jesus!!!!!

Thank you and comments and suggestions are welcomed!!!


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Comment by Paris E. Tompkins on March 21, 2009 at 6:21pm
Your plans look great. Just one idea that I am having to be involved in, and that's doing a business plan. If you plan to have investors you will need to have a business plan. Even as a one-woman business, you will need a business plan. Look at the Small Business Administration's website to get help with preparing your plan. I wish you the best, and keep us informed. Paris
Comment by Diane Friday on March 16, 2009 at 3:19pm

Kenya are you sure you're not a pro? Wow! You should have seen my beginning I like your style, you shoot straight from the him! Thank you for sharing.
Oh yeah Keya, before you go out and buy a contact manager, group name for various clients system, thank you and hello cards, I hope you re-read my blog, 'See, I Made You Smile'.

Here's a freebie for ya:

To your success, Kenya!

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