Attract More Sales and Leads to your Opportunity In The Shortest Time Possible!

Attract More Sales and Leads to your Opportunity In The Shortest Time Possible!

Before I get started. I would like to fist ask you a simple question.

What type of knowledge and expertise can you bring to the table that will help others to succeed there online business?

I see a lot of people in the home business industry still throwing up sales pitches?

The fact of the matter is.  Is when we all fist get started working from home.  Most of us lack the skills and knowledge to be successful Entrepreneurs.

Or mind is set to think that we need to throw out a sales pitch to every one and everybody.

This mindset comes from the lack of knowledge, and It's OK.  We all start from ground zero.

Lets suppose we are standing in the middle of a massive area.  Where a lot of people have gathered for an event.  

You begin to look around and notice that where all wearing white T-Shirts.  But, you notice someone in the crowd who is wearing a RED T-Shirt and is getting all the attention.

You set here and think.  Man I want to be that guy getting all that attention because I'm here with a white t-shirt on just like everyone else and blending in.

If you want to be that person who is wearing the red t-shirt, and getting all the attention.  

Then you need to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing and that is to stop throwing up sale pitch to everyone.  

The person in RED is getting all the attention because there helping and advising people on how to grow and proper there business by giving out free and useful information.  

If you want to stand above the crowd and be the one who is wearing that red t-shirt.  STOP THROWING UP SALES PITCHES TO EVERYONE.

Your passions, wants and needs will come.  

Your goal should be set to go out and begin to build up trusting relationships with as many people as possible.  By doing so, your white T-Shit will begin to slowly turn RED because people will start to trust you and look up to you for help and guidance.

Until Next time.  
Take care,
Derek Patterson

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