Follow Up Blog - Shaquille O'Neal's The Payer Player - See, I told you this was good!

Hello! This is Lea Charlton again with an update on the experience I've had in promoting the beta of Shaquille O'Neal's new business.

I have to admit, it was a little frustrating at first. We were all so excited that we began referring all of our friends without the admin and social widget being done ... This meant that a lot of builders in our downlines were contacting us to submit tickets and provide answers for them :( BUT WHAT THE HECK ... I made residual income (money) in just 3 days and it keeps going up (considering the compensation plan) and we begin getting paid on the 15th - WOO HOO!!!

This is going to be huge and Shaquille O'Neal will announce to the media on August 28th :)

As you know, I am not one for posting blogs about my businesses, but this is one that will help people. It is worth the posts if we are making money and building that quickly! There are still some things they are smoothing out and the pay is just for USA right now. Still, you want to position!

(This is what the social network looks like - no pages - a widget - beautiful viral marketing potential)

Lea Charlton & Shaquille O'Neal
Invite You To Join "The Payer Player"

Payer Player - Portable Social Network - $9.95

How would you like to have one social network that is with you whereever you go on the Internet? Handle business, meet with friends, make money ... The Payer Player is the revolution social networking that this Web 2.0 generation and the home business industry have been looking for. One communications hub with value you bring to the network.

Thanks to "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work" & Tim G, Matt Rappaport, Lea Charlton and Home-Exe Ann.

(This Avalanche banner below is a system by Timothy L Drobnick Sr that is actually rebuilding GDI for me. I typically would not be excited about this but I was part of the GDI launch and a bonus pool winner many years ago AND QUIT :( I was totally kicking myself - who would have known it would have grown so ... Well, I plugged into Avalanche and it brought GDI back to life again - try?)
Avalanche Money System By Timothy L Drobnick Sr

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