Let’s discuss about lifeline because every single one of us has a lifeline. Your lifeline got started the moment you were born and as you went through life, ups and downs, for most people there are more downs than ups. Doesn’t really matter – that's the way life is!

And one day, we are all going to leave, we are all going to go. And if you join these 2 spots from the time you were born to the day you go, that's called a lifeline.

And every single one of us has a lifeline.

There are 3 very significant spots on this lifeline.
The first one is the past. Second is the present. And the third phase is the future. So the lifeline is divided into the past, the present and the future. And if you were to look at your life, the results in your life at the present moment, and if you were to look back in the last 5 years, looking back into the past, you might find that your life wasn’t as happy, as healthy, as wealthy, as successful as you possibly could be.

Now, I do not mean that you are not happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful at all. It implied that it could have been better. For most of us, it would have been better.


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