I`m sitting in my summer-house today, it’s lovely here. The sun is shining; the birds are singing- the sea is like a mirror. I`m so happy...wishing you a wonderful day.


Remember to Re- member  yourself. Take care of yourself, spread your love. Respect all, believe that we are all connected in some is essential that we recognize and accept this as our first premise.  Love creates and nurtures. We must not fear - for the best is yet to come - the era is grand and beautiful. Loving - healing - sharing, it`s our real connection to everything. You are never powerless; there is always a choice to maid. I`m always thinking;


The only moment we have is NOW.

People are really wonderful gifts to get you to a higher level if you are able to tune in. Just remember to forgive. Mistakes are really only opportunities to learn and growth. When you feel complete in yourself, the feelings of Neediness about  your relationship disappear. You will feel more confidence in your friendship. Let us appreciate our friendship... every day. You`re in my mind and in my heart. Thoughts of you, bring a bit of sunlight and smile to the darkest day.


I open my mind to new possibilities and opportunities. I let my imagination flow and it creates a passion inside me. You know; all the emotion is in-the-moment. I don’t know about you,

but I`m really an outdoor enthusiast. The nature around us gives us pleasure...And lots of opportunities - to experience beauty beyond anything we could ever create.


And its free for us to join...) Amazing.


It give us new energy, lots of fun - we forget our stress and therefore we can feel renewed. Marvelous. I wish you A spiritual adventure. True nature /Essence of being.


" Nothing Tastes as Good, as feeling Absolutely  Healthy and Vibrant FEELS" - Tony Robbins.


 As always the best 4 you,


Sending love, light, beauty and Joy.









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