Which do you treat better - your business colleagues or those you claim to love?

Do you treat your business colleagues differently from your friends or family or most intimate partner?  Do you make a practice of studying business perspectives, learning how to communicate to new or regular customers or clients, and discovering how to build business relationships one by one?

Many of you will answer "yes" to both of the above questions.  But what happens in your most intimate relationships?  Do you suddenly forget all the rules and all the understanding you have about what works and what doesn't work?

If you are like most of us, myself included, you probably have higher expectations from your family and most intimate partner than you do of your friends and colleagues and coworkers.  You are probably a lot more forgiving and probably cut the outside people a lot more slack.  Without realizing it, we often have unfair expectations and make unfair demands upon those we claim to love.


What do YOU think are the 3 most important causes of all relationship problems?

  • Are you currently struggling to make ends meet and you believe that if only you had more money?
  • Is your partner so different from you that you wish you could meet someone more like you?
  • Does low or high sexual desire or certain sexual behavior seem to be causing  problems for you?
  • Do you believe that if only you and your partner had better communication skills?
  • Do you believe the problems are caused by some “bad” trait in your partner?
  • Are the friends and family of your partner causing a rift between the two of you?

Please comment below and tell me what you think is the major cause of relationship problems?

Watch this video now and see if you agree with my answers.

Listen to this interview to find out what I believe can really shift your perspective.  3 Major Causes of Relationship Problems

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Dr. Erica

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