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At 1:45am on June 17, 2009, TKL Worldwide said…
Serious Business

Golden Opportunity : BE THE FIRST PERSON IN EUROPEAN Market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're looking for investor / Middle Man in European Area

We need more expert in direct selling involve in our business.

Several Country Distributor are open for investor to apply.

Philippine Main Office/0001 : Registered
Singapore Main Office/ 0001 : Registered
Thailand Office/ 0001 : Registered
Laos Office/ 0001 : Registered
Myanmar Office/ 0001 : open for register
Taiwan Office/ 0001 : Registered
Australia Office/ 0001 : open for register
United State Office/ 0001 : open for register
Canada Office/ 0001 : open for register
Hong Kong Office/ 0001 : open for register
Brunei Office/ 0001 : open for register
Brazil Office/ 0001 : open for register
Vietnam Office/ 0001 : open for register
Saudi Arabia/ 0001 : open for register
Switzerland/ 0001 : open for register
South Africa/ 0001 : open for register
Sudan/ 0001 : open for register
India/ 0001 : open for register
Canada/ 0001 : open for register
Arab/ 0001 : open for register

If you're interested to know more about Sanqi or our business opportunity please contact :

Official Website :

Contact Person : +60163381148
Office No : +603-9284 3999
Mr JO (Kuala Lumpur Main Office)
At 10:38am on March 10, 2009, Mike Pergolatti said…
Hello Charlie and Allison!
I'm fairly New to this site and im just trying to get established
You can check out my company to see what we're all about at By the way, we are selling our franchise, even with the dieing economy, This is an offer to good to pass up, Check it out!
At 11:30pm on January 9, 2009, Rev. Jerry T. Ramada said…
Dear Friend Charlie and Allison, thank you for your kind notes. I am interesting to know more your business. PLease free to contact me anytime. I am excited to work with you.......

My cell Phone number: +639207542048

thank you.......

jered and evangeline
At 9:33am on January 7, 2009, Charlie & Allison said…
Hi Jim,

Just as I had explained to Sharon Williams,

Thank you for the vision. When I joined this social networking community this morning, I wasn't sure what I was going to do or how I was going to use this medium. Well, you've inspired me!!

Let me first begin by saying, I wasn't on board an hour and I had received your solicitation. When I looked at your public profile, I saw what it was that you were doing. You are throwing your business opportunity around targeting suspects at a rate of about 1 person per minute. In short, you are spamming a community that has a lot more to offer you than the prospect of recruiting unsuspecting, sometimes vulnerable and more likely, very successful business owners, distributors trying to build "their" businesses, business enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, marketing trainers, teachers and coaches. There is a lot of valuable information available that I discovered during my "first" hour of reading posts, blogs and personal profiles.

My first hour, and as I continue into my second, third, fourth, etc., is to learn from those who have gone before me. To learn about business initiatives, strategies, do’s and don’ts within this community – not to try to instill my ideas, values, “opportunity” or anything else upon anyone who has not asked me first. And how do you suppose I would attract someone to “ask” what it is that I do? Well, as a start, maybe I would begin to develop a relationship with a few individuals whom I have something to learn from – by asking questions and participating in commenting on their posts, blogs or other. Show them that I am really interested in what I had read and I crave more information – from them.

Finally, when the timing is right and it is my turn to give back to this community what was so freely offered to me, I will take a leadership role and write a post or blog. Maybe that which I have to offer, could inspire someone to become a bit more successful with what “they” are doing. Serve and be served – but serve first!!


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