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At 8:56pm on September 26, 2012, Paul Rosen said…

Hello Nancy:

I help struggling and frustrated network marketers achieve Alpha status.

At 6:20pm on March 7, 2011, Todd Rutledge said…
At 3:36pm on March 25, 2010, Barbara Chapman said…
Hi Nancy, hope your business is booming and life is treating you well,
Keep in touch,
At 10:34am on March 3, 2010, W. Earl Allen said…
Hi Nancy,

It's good to see business opportunities everywhere around us. I'm happy to make your acquaintance and hope your opportunities are as fantastic as mine.

My Name Is Earl
At 8:53pm on February 24, 2010, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM said…
Hi Nancy
I appreciate you offer and will join your network
Thank you
Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM
At 7:51pm on December 25, 2009, Mahmut said…
At 5:24pm on December 14, 2009, Roman Legierski said…
Hi Nance
but Iam in directmatches so there is not possibility advertimements or freeI apprecisate you concern but you are adviced to know, you must put money first to get them back and multiplied as banks do.

Treat this as my special reply. This is a fist law of economy.

This cruelt world does not offer anything for free.

God offers for free salvation by Jesus, His only begotten Son. This is for free for anyone who is willing to hear God and be obedient, but money are the fuel of this world and the tool of His adversary.

Keep well,
At 2:11pm on December 9, 2009, charmaine diaz said…

Charmaine Diaz
"Make a difference, shop with a purpose"
At 2:24am on November 29, 2009, Paul von Wildenrath said…
Hi, Nancy. Sorry I haven't written in a while, I was waiting for something special to happen, and now it has! Please go to my page and read my new profile about Travel Ventures International (TVI Express). Let me know when you login to our webinar so I can be there to say hi (I only go onto the 1.40 EST webinar because of the time difference - I'm 7 hours ahead).
I'm sure TVI is something you will want to be part of!
Paul von Wildenrath.
At 10:11pm on November 28, 2009, Chad Wilgus said…
Thanks for commenting Nancy. I am sure we can learn from each other, and our many friends as we share on this site. If you would like to add a simple opp. to your income streams give this little cash generator a look. You have a outstanding day.
At 9:38am on November 28, 2009, Gloria Martin said…
Hello, Nancy. I finally logged back into Have you found a business yet? I am now in Arydss Inational. Have you heard of them?
At 10:17pm on September 20, 2009, Lori Bray said…
Hello Nancy,
Nice to meet you and thank you for your friendship here!

Join me on the new BuzzBot as well and we can chat, blog, comment, add video, etc. on EVERY WEBSITE on the internet! It's very cool. The Google of Social Networking...
At 9:42pm on September 20, 2009, Paul Fraser said…
Nice to meet you Nancy.
All the best.


Paul Fraser
At 8:47pm on September 20, 2009, Larry Shideler said…
THANKS for Keeping Me In the LOOP

Larry Shideler
Tri-State Business Network Group
Marketing Representative and New Member Relationship Coordinator
513-405-4773 Cell
Cincinnati, Ohio
At 12:18pm on September 16, 2009, Matthew Dobos said…
Hi, my name is Matt. What is your current business like, could you describe it to me? What kinds of results are you seeing? I actually looked into alot of affiliate marketing businesses and i've had much more success with Liberty Health Network, LLC than any other. Their compensation plan is very straight forward and it is very affordable autoship, so i find people enjoy the company and products alot better. My personal email address is if you'd speak to me a little more to continue comparing. Also my employee ID 9801318 and my website is, so you can investigate the payment options and products personally. I'd love to see you come on board and succeed with me.

Matthew Dobos
At 4:16am on September 14, 2009, Rajeeb Dutta said…
Dear Nancy,
This is Rajeeb Dutta,from Kolkata, India, Trainer & Call Center Consultant, 10 yrs exp. in Training & BPO, and wish to work together in near future.
Rajeeb Dutta.
Trainer & Consultant.
U can Mail me to:
At 7:38am on September 12, 2009, Vivienne Diane Neal said…
Thank you for visiting my profile. I am not interested in joining your probram.
At 9:07am on August 31, 2009, Rainah Goldfeather said…
Nancy you have a great last name! Merry is an awesome way to be! I can see in your smile you are a happy soul. A pleasure to become your friend
At 7:53am on August 30, 2009, Michael Teske said…
Thanks for your comment and directing me to your new online venture; my approach is more like Warren Buffett--stick to the ventures that you can reasonabilty predict where they will grow in the next 15 to 20 years... for me that is a 7-year-old company called XanGo, which is recognized as the best managed and most fair and successful compensation plan.... it recently launched another category-creating product, which in 7 hours became the most successful launch in the history of the industry, replacing the previous record, which was also set by XanGo... our team also teaches w-2 employees in the U.S. how to participate for free courtesy of the U.S. Gov't.... I would be happy to share more... you can also get a good overview at Wishing you much success, Michael
At 7:52am on August 30, 2009, Rainah Goldfeather said…
Hi Nancy,
I am originally from Ma. On the coast, thirty eight miles from Boston..Plum Island, Newburyport. Pleased to meet you. Are you in here to do business, as I am? If so I have a question for you... . What if I could show you a way to take 250. out of pocket and turn it into 10,000 in one month or less and do that over and over again? Would we have something to talk about then? If you are interested go to my web site and take the tour.

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