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At 10:58pm on August 30, 2009, MICHAEL said…

Greetings Mike ~!
Warm Blessings and Loving Abundant Bliss...Michael :)

I invite you to visit me on my page,
and for FREE Enlightened Messages:

At 1:55am on May 29, 2009, Lenny Burgess said…
Hi Mike,

Hope you are well, lovely day in London today!

Hello everybody, hope everyone is well today! Lovely day in London today

I am writing to see if you can offer any advice....

I have been working on my business now for just over a year, in the mornings, evenings and every weekend and I am now ready to look around to see if I can get some financial backing for my business.

I'm experienced enough to know that it will take sometime to get backing, but can you offer any tips/advice as to where to start looking? How to approach this?

Full business plan is completed (and looks good) so ready to rock & roll

Looking forward to hearing from you


At 2:23pm on May 25, 2009, Silk722 said…
Hi Mike
Thanks and nice seeing you again
At 6:22pm on April 21, 2009, Melford Woolery said…
Happy to see you back in the saddle my friend...
At 8:46am on April 8, 2009, Steph Wiestling said…
sorry for the delay in this, but thank you so much for the kind words! I look forward to checking out your site!
At 2:13am on April 7, 2009, Lenny Burgess said…
Hi Mike,

That sounds great, I know you are a very busy person! I am available on Thursday say around 7.30pm?

Cheers mate
At 2:28am on April 2, 2009, Lenny Burgess said…
HI Mike,

I know you are really busy mate, but would really like to chat to you about your marketing experience, so I can pick your brain!

At 4:20am on March 26, 2009, helen meldon said…
Hi Mike,I re-read your blog,you know i do online healing clinic for people who are unable to attend a practitioner who are too busy,therefore very stressed!
At 12:14pm on March 24, 2009, Lenny Burgess said…
Hi Mike, no worries mate - been extremely hectic myself

Speak soon
At 4:23am on March 21, 2009, Zdenko Pavic said…
Halo Mike,

I looking for distributor of our product in electronic in Australia for few months. How strong ary you in distribution? Its mosquito repellent in nanotechnology TK-1. If its possible I will send to you presentation about this, but first how strong are you in distribution?

best regards
Zdenko Pavic
At 8:28am on March 20, 2009, Lenny Burgess said…
Lovely cheers Mike
At 7:47am on March 20, 2009, Lenny Burgess said…
Hi mike, are you on Skype? Would be interested in chatting to you regarding your online marketing knowledge...
At 6:58am on March 20, 2009, Lenny Burgess said…
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the message, I am pleased to have been added as your friend and your welcome.

What do you do mate? Are you a football fan?
At 5:19am on March 20, 2009, helen meldon said…
Hi Mike!Thanks for your welcome and for adding me!Im here to get better SEO and promote my energy healing and wrok online with it as I'm a great distance healer and attuner!I also travel to teach all this and looking to expand that too!
At 9:44pm on March 19, 2009, Team said…
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Good to hear! Here's another one. It's about how to get customers:

At 9:21am on March 19, 2009, BRONWEN said…
Hey Mike

Great being aboard. Hope we can be of assistance to one another.

At 9:01am on March 19, 2009, Lana Minchew said…
Thank you Mike!
At 9:43pm on March 16, 2009, Team said…
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your comment on my page! And I’m glad you’re here. I’d recommend checking out the tips in the forum I wrote:

If you have questions, please respond to the forum and I’ll answer them personally.

At 10:33am on March 16, 2009, Team said…
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Thanks for your friend request. And welcome! What are you looking to do here on
At 10:04am on March 16, 2009, Natacha Fitzwater said…
right on and thank you

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