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At 3:12am on September 6, 2009, MICHAEL said…

Greetings Ashely ~!
Warm Blessings, Loving and Abundant Vitality~*
Peace ~ Michael :)

I invite you to visit me on my page,
and for Free Enlightened Messages:

At 9:08pm on July 20, 2009, Vince Whelan said…
Hi Ashely.
Just stopping by and saying hello.
Have a great day.
Vince Whelan
At 8:48pm on July 4, 2009, Allen Kimmitt said…
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I would like to share with you a new social community where you can gather this culinary knowledge, expand your network and have fun all at the same time. Meet and chat with Chefs, learn from top bartenders how to mix the perfect cocktail, listen to the wine experts review new and old wines, etc. etc.

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At 5:12pm on June 28, 2009, Rick Young said…
Welcome to Startup Biz. I look forward to networking with you.
Please add me to your LIST. Take a look at the ultimate
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At 5:19pm on June 24, 2009, Jean-Pierre Petry said…
Thank you Ashely for you invite.

I wish you all the best

At 10:56pm on June 2, 2009, Marlo T. said…
Welcome, Ashely!
If you're open to different business ideas, I invite you to look at the one on my profile.
Feel free to add me!
At 9:32pm on June 2, 2009, Jay Hall said…
Happy Networking and if I can be of assistance to you or your business, please don't hesitate to drop me a line! Find all your special occasion gift ideas on my site...

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At 10:33pm on May 24, 2009, Rick Young said…
Welcome to Startup Biz. I look forward to networking with you.
Add me to your list. Let me create a V-Card for your business.
A V-Card is a revolutionary way to tell the world who you are and
what you do via video.
At 6:23pm on May 9, 2009, Tracey Reay said…
Hi Ashely
Good to see so much positive energy on this website. As Tony Robbins says "live passionately". Good luck with your endeavours
At 1:18am on May 9, 2009, Naresj Raja said…
Hi Ashley,

Thanks for inviting me to your group.

At 1:58am on April 25, 2009, Mike Cunningham said…
Hi Ashley

Just added you as a friend here. I manage the Twitter for Internet Marketers Group. C'mon over to the Twitter for Internet Marketers Group and share your Twitter ID.
(if you did and I missed it, do it again, so I and other members are sure to follow you)

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If you Aren't familiar with Twitter read this on my Page: Using Twitter, My Advice, Info and Tips

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Mike Cunningham
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Also follow me, I'll follow you back.
At 2:48am on April 8, 2009, Nancy Merry said…
Nancy Merry says: Hello,

I saw your profile and like what you have to offer. I would like to
personally invite you to advertise your business on a high traffic
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Nancy Merry
At 8:36am on March 24, 2009, Kevin Faulkner said…

Hello Ashely,
My name is Kevin Faulkner and I would be more than happy to have you as my friend.

Are you a Supervisor, Manager, Boss, Owner? When you open you breifcase tomorrow will you have the tools to get your job done? Are you performing at your optimum?

Then remember this:

A golfer new to the game shouldn't go out and buy $1,000 dollar golf clubs. He should buy $200 dollar clubs , and take $800 dollars worth of lessons.

Remember: It's the Indian not his Arrows!

Want to know more? Talk to us

Perfect practices make PERFECT !

O. Kevin Faulkner
Consultant / Coach
At 4:19pm on March 17, 2009, Mark Pym said…
I would ask yourself three questions:
What is currently happening?
What is missing?
What is next?
Try to answer this at a deep level and not just a surface level and most importanly think about what 'energy' you wish to access to make your business a reality. Carol Pearson's work on arcetypes might help. If you need a link to this let me know. To be this into context when I am looking at my own business interests the first thing I do is to identify what matters most to me. I start with the 'energy' inside me that drive me to be passionate or connected with anything I do.
The main types of energy I bring are that of the creator, jester, magician and ruler. So understanding this the type of businesses I work in /own are innovative/creative, fun and engaging and organisations that make a difference (magic!) and of course I absolutely must be the 'ruler' - although in my case it is about being a benevolent ruler. You will see I have even mentioned the product /skills or capabilities of the business. This is because at a fundamental level I believe it works best if you can identify with the business in a way the 'mirror' what matters most to you. I do hope this helps and please -one last tip try not to rationalise the solution (you can come back to this later)... best wishes Mark
At 7:04pm on March 9, 2009, Bert Martinez said…
Welcome to this is great place to grow your business. I help people reach their goals by re-engineering their negative emotions and removing the obstacles that are holding them back.

Ask me your biggest/ toughest question you have about growing your business or reaching your goals. Go to and I'll provide you with powerful FREE information to help you.

I'm looking to network with success minded people and find new business opportunities, so if I can help you with anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bert Martinez
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At 8:11am on March 3, 2009, braik said…
good job
At 8:10am on March 3, 2009, braik said…
At 7:54pm on February 17, 2009, Lee Woods - "BIZ BUD" said…
Stopped By To Say Congrats On Selecting StartUp Biz!

Just wanted to wish you a "GREAT 2009" and jump start your efforts on SUBIZ. Let's hope that the economy moves for the best! You can help by networking here on SUBIZ and building your business. Let's make it Happen and Good Luck!

Take a peek at my profile, sign my Slide Picture Book (takes 1-2mins Tops) and make yourself at home. ENJOY your time here, because you are truly welcomed! If you have any questions on how to sign my Slide Picture Book , just let me know! Check-out others that have signed!

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At 6:57pm on February 17, 2009, Paul Trueski said…
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At 11:37am on February 6, 2009, Bhaskarray said…

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