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At 7:32am on May 22, 2009, cecil mcqueen said…
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At 12:34pm on April 21, 2009, Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD said…
Hi Michael:

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Dr. Dorothy
Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

"Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it." Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD
At 2:44pm on March 18, 2009, Jim Bellacera said…
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Hello Michael! I came upon your profile because we are both in the group Business Builders Resources. I would love for us to be friends so we can better connect and network with each other.

I invite you to visit my profile so you can learn a little bit more about me, as well as visit my websites and

I look forward to networking with you!

Jim Bellacera
At 2:13pm on February 22, 2009, Donna Marie Pannullo said…
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Hi Michael,

Thanks for joining my Widgets group. Have you had a chance to get yours? I would really like to know what you think!

Warm regards,


P.S. LUV your page!
At 10:48am on December 13, 2008, william russell said…
At 10:24pm on December 3, 2008, Bruce Posey said…
Hello Capt. Nano....

I'm finally getting around to visit everybody here in my circle of friends, and wanted to first off say thank you for being with me here on I love this site, and the opportunities here are awesome!


Have a wonderfull day, my new friend, and I look forward to seeing more of you around here......

Thanks again.......

Bruce :)
At 7:36am on November 27, 2008, Sagar Dasgupta said…
We would like to take the pleasure of introducing ourselves as a Business Process and Recruitment Process Outsourcing unit located in India. Our company Touchstone Systems is a direct business-outsourcing partner for businesses of all sizes. Managed and controlled from our India office; our core operations team & systems are located in our call centers throughout the country. We specialize in Business Process Outsourcing, (BPO) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Any non-core business activity can be outsourced. Anyone who is part of our business process is geared to assure quality, coordinate with customers and research & develop new systems & solutions. We have a pool of workers and technical abilities that are called upon when clients needs dictate.

Our Liaison Managers are happy to deal with any problems or issues that may arise and will assign work from clients to their virtual teams according to ability and strengths. All virtual employees are centrally managed by the Liaison Managers and are fully equipped with high speed PC hard and software. We only use 1:1 contention high-speed Internet in our offices so that our virtual office services are as close to actual office activities as possible.

We have a team of professionals with experience in diverse support activities. Besides our team of full-time employees, we also have empanelled freelance & part-time professionals with specialized skills who are available on call. Depending on the needs of your project, we will deploy staff with appropriate skills & expertise to execute the assignment to your complete satisfaction.

The management team comprises professionals with qualifications in IT Services, Economics, Management, Accounting, Sales, Visual Communication, Recruitment, & Marketing. All our team members are graduates or have a specialized technical qualification or certification in the area of their specialization. All team members are of course English speaking and also can speak in other European and Asian Languages and our offices operate a strict English only rule to comply with international business practices.

We offer flexible solutions custom-designed to meet your specific requirement. Our client liaison managers can discuss with you any aspect of our BPO services; however we are able to take your workload off you in any way that suits you best. Be that by providing you a full time off-site worker, or taking care of one or more aspects of your business (Accounting, Call Handling, Virtual Assistance, Live Chat, Customer Service, Selling - Outbound Sales Calls, etc).

Our pricing is linked to the time, effort, skills & expertise required to execute the project. We execute projects on fixed-cost basis, piece-rate or on time & material cost basis. The pricing model will depend on the nature of work. However you can be rest assured we will always remain competitive. We will never forget that the prime reasons for business outsourcing are of course because of the cost savings available. Our clients will unquestionably benefit directly from lower costs.

How does it work? If you have a project or business requirement that you want to outsource simply make contact with us and we will be happy to discuss with you how to proceed. We will analyze your requirements, contact you for any clarifications that we may need and then submit our proposal through your preferred method of contact. Our proposal will outline our approach, methodology, price and payment schedule. After mutual agreement of the terms, we will commence the assignment. We will provide sample outputs for your review & approval when necessary. We will be in constant touch with you providing updates of the progress and delivering the output as agreed.

In case you wish to know how we can be of your help please feel free to mail us.


Sagar Dasgupta

+91 9830425190
At 12:15am on October 28, 2008, Mark M. Smith said…
Thanks for the friendship energy - Michael...
also.. GREAT videos regarding the Fed.
[ i've seen some of them before ]

and the wonderful system we have here [ LOL ]
Makes you just want to become wealthy just
to be comfortable.

At 7:19am on October 24, 2008, Denise Lize said…

Dear Friend,

Keeping ion Touch!
May you your day and weekend ahead be a very beautiful one.

Continued succes with your business.
Warm Regards,
At 12:00am on October 23, 2008, Welcome from KARYNE said…
It is important to expand our Universe Everyday.

With every contact we make, especially when it reaches across the continent and to other countries, we attract the world and all of its amazing gifts back to us. Anyone in business these days that stays in their own back yard is really limiting their growth potential by hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions!

It is Awesome to have You in My Universe!

Peace & Blessings
At 4:21pm on October 12, 2008, Marianne said…
Hi Michael – I just sent you a friend invite – hope you accept :o)

You are welcome to check out my profile and would like to invite you to join my team in Viral Networks – this is a new Business and Social Network – FREE to join – still in pre-launch – will be a HUGE earner !! It is a MUST for all Internet Marketers !! Please check out the video on my page and Join Now !!

*** ***

AND we have a contest ANYONE can WIN – including YOU !! with cash prizes !!

Would be proud to have you in my team !!

Take care and keep well

At 5:54pm on October 4, 2008, Welcome from KARYNE said…
Hello Michael, Welcome to the community!

Networking, collaborating and partnering are all things I Love to do. Please let me know how I can assist in expanding your Universe. You never know what fabulous ideas could be created from putting our minds together. I hope to chat with you someday soon.

Please log on to my Profile and join me as a friend.

Peace and Blessings!
Orion Enterprises & Consulting Services, Inc.
Public Relations, Marketing & Business Consulting
Web address:
At 5:54pm on October 4, 2008, Welcome from KARYNE said…
It is important to expand our Universe Everyday.

With every contact we make, especially when it reaches across the continent and to other countries, we attract the world and all of its amazing gifts back to us. Anyone in business these days that stays in their own back yard is really limiting their growth potential by hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions!

It is Awesome to have You in My Universe!

Peace & Blessings
At 5:46pm on October 4, 2008, Nikki said…
Hi I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Nikki. I run two online businesses. DeNapoli Services, an off-site admin service that caters to Ecommerce businesses. I am assembling a small team and will be relaunching this in November.

I also have Shop Denida, this is an online store that puts creative women in the spotlight. This is my way of giving back to all the women. I have run into a small stumble on this for lack of funding. I only have 100 products up in the site and about 400 more to put in there but need to purchase a larger shopping cart first. This will be happening in the next couple of weeks. You can help with this wonderful Idea by supporting it on Idea Blob. It takes a moment to sign up (they do not spam you) and vote for me. Thank you in advance for your support

My Idea

I'm always open to advice so if anyone has any on either business I would LOVE to hear it. I'm really good at taking constructive criticism.

Along with these two business I'm a mom of 2 and a wife and of course a woman. I have many pets that I love to take care of and actually have business ideas on that too. However I have learned that one business needs to take off and run before I can start to many more.

I'm a firm believer that hard work pays off. Shop Denida has only been live since September 1st and I already have a Google ranking (albiet only a 2 but a ranking none the less) and will be learning more about internet marketing in the near future. Once I have that mastered it will be one more service that DeNapoli Services will be able to offer.

Another thing I am doing with Shop Denida is spotlighting a woman's cause. The cause I'm currently doing is the Pink Ribbon Tour. they will be having their home coming on the 26th of October and I will be gathering donations for baskets. Visitors to the home coming can enter the drawing for $5 for a chance to win one of the baskets. This will raise money for Breast cancer awareness. If you have anything you would like to donate please contact me. Donations will give you the opportunity to get some advertisement in the community. I plan on giving full credit to anyone that donates an item or something. I already have some vacations, T-shirts, pictures and a few other things. The bigger the basket the more donations. I will also be doing a jar of pink jelly beans, for a buck people will be able to guess how many in the jar and be entered into a prize drawing for another prize.

I'm very excited to be a part of this group. I plan on doing lots of networking this weekend to get donations for the prizes for the home coming.

I hope you have a great weekend.
At 4:44pm on October 3, 2008, Diane said…
Thank you for accepting my “friend request”. Stop by my page and take a look at some of my posts. Once you have done that let me know how we can work together to help each other.

Also, sign up for my “Birthday Club”. Who doesn’t like to have a card sent to them on their birthday!!

At 9:48pm on October 2, 2008, Brad and Carol Gardner said…
Mr Michael I am not even in the least bit offended. I can only hope to be as successful as yourself someday. I am honored to be associated with you and thank you for excepting my invatation. Your feild sounds amazing and your pictures AWSOME! I believe in surrounding myself with the people I hope someday to be like, You and your lifestyle are definetly what I am working towards. I have a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful daughters. We are middleclass and get by. Networking for someone like myself I have realized is a great way to connect with great minds and hopefully make a great living. I was currently laid off. Its amazing on how much you depend on a job that you live off of week to week, its amazing on how much you put into a place just to find out how indespensable you are. You don't realize either until its gone. I will no longer trust my families future in someone elses hands and hope to prosper through my endevors one way or the other. Mr. Michael thanks again and look foward to chatting GodBless Brad gardner
At 5:27pm on October 2, 2008, Diane said…
Hi Michael,
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the forum. You will love the networking experience here. When you have a few moments, jump over to my page and look around. I have some neat blogs

And I started a great business card exchange group

Have a Fabulous day!!!

At 11:04pm on October 1, 2008, Terri Lorah said…
Welcome! This is a great community and I am happy to be a part of it. I just wanted to say hi and hope we can network together.

There's so much going on here and I wanted to offer my help by giving you a FREE ebook called The complete Guide to Website Traffic. Enjoy the book and don't forget to add me as your friend.

Much Success!
Terri Lorah
At 10:54pm on October 1, 2008, Marlo T. said…
Thanks for the add!
At 8:54am on October 1, 2008, Warren A. Veach said…

Thank you for joining the "STA.RTUPs of the Lone Star State" group.

We are a small group so far, but I have no doubt that as time goes by, we'll become one of the largest, and most influential groups on

Please feel free to add your comments, join in a discussion, start a discussion or make a suggestion as to how we might improve the group at any time.

Please feel free to get in touch with me personally if there is anything I can do to help.

Additionally, I'd love to have your feed back on the discussion, "Give me a "P!".

Have a GREAT day,

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